Waterfall Trip

"Matajitu and Diwu Mbai Waterfalls"

Overview and Price

All of our tours are private !

This trip will include a trip to Komodo National Park in Flores as well as exploring Moyo Island in Sumbawa. This trip will be 6 Days 5 Nights.

This 6D 5N trip will start from Mataram, the capital city of Lombok, you will need to arrange your flight to/from your origin city. We will email your flight ticket from Lombok to Sumbawa vv once you confirm your booking and 50% Down Payment.

The price for children from 5-11 years old is 35% of the adult price and from 12-15 years old is 50% of the adult price.


  • 1

    Depart from Lombok International Airport (LIA) for Sumbawa.

    The flight from Lombok to Sumbawa Besar will be 45 minutes.

  • 2

    Arrive in Sumbawa Besar Airport and transfer to Hotel

    Check in at Hotel with cold/hot water, Air Condtioner and Wifi.

  • 3

    Lunch in the city

    Have a taste of local meals at the restaurant in the city serving grilled fish and vegetables as well as Indonesian and Western food.

  • 4

    City Tour

    Visit Old Palace of Sultan of Sumbawa and traditional village where you can learn how to weave.

  • 5

    Head back to Hotel

    We let you have a rest after a long day or an afternoon nap at the hotel.

  • 6

    Dinner on the Beach

    For those who love sunset, we will take you to a restaurant by the beach for a special dinner at sunset.

  • 7

    Time to say goodnight

    You must prepare for Moyo tomorrow, so we let you go to sleep early to save your energy for a long day in Moyo.

  • 1

    Good Morning Sumbawa

    Please grab a breakfast at the hotel before leaving for Moyo and then we drive you to port of Sumbawa where our speedboat is ready to take you to Moyo.

  • 2

    Moyo, here we come !!

    Our speedboat will only take 1 hour to get to Labuhan Aji village in Moyo. Please prepare all your cameras and gadgets for dolphins on the way to Moyo.

  • 3

    Take a ride to Waterfalls

    Upon arriving in Labuhan Aji village, you can see many motorcycles waiting for you to take you to 2 waterfalls. Choose your driver with a good motorcycle as the ride will be a bit bumpy. After about 20 minutes on a motorcycle, you will do 15-20 minutes of trekking in order to get to matajitu waterfall. Our guides will be close by to cover anything you need.

    After taking pictures or selfie at the waterfall, you might have s swim in green river with turquoise clear water before you go to next waterfall, Diwu Mbai

    The ride to next waterfall will be approximately 30 minutes with a great view along the way.

  • 4

    Lunch at traditional house

    Have a simple life in Moyo by having lunch at traditional house with a view of clear blue sky and sea.

  • 5

    Afternoon break

    We let those fish and vegetables to digest first before we continue the next adventure on our way back to Sumbawa.

  • 6

    Heading Back to Sumbawa

    The speedboat will take you back to Sumbawa and will continue the trip to Labuhan Bajo by car to Sape Port in Bima

  • 7

    Arriving in Sumbawa

    We drive you to hotel in Sumbawa where you can prepare for a trip to Labuhan Bajo to see the Komodo Dragon.

  • 1

    Dinner Before You Go

    We take you to a restaurant in the city before starting our trip to Komodo National Park.

  • 2

    Sape Port

    We will drive you on a private car to Sape Port for 10 hours and will take ferry in the next morning to Labuhan Bajo.