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Moyo Island - Nature Reserves

Moyo Island is located in the largest bay in Indonesia, Saleh Bay of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. The total area of Moyo is 35,000 hectares which almost 2/3 of the area are nature reserve called Moyo Hunting Park, home of wild cattles, pigs and barking deers as well as variety of birds and bats.

The other nature reserve is Moyo Marine Park with total area of 6,000 hectares in which the entire coastline of the island has been declared as marine conservation area to protect the coral reefs. Both parks are under the monitoring of Office of Natural Conservation of West Nusa Tenggara (BKSDA).

Labuhan Aji is the administrative village of the island, all the people here are farmers of cashew nuts. Moyo produces high quality honey which may not be available at all seasons, you can with check the locals.

Labuhan Aji serves as the gate to 2 waterfalls, Matajitu and Diwu Mbai where you can either pay for motorbike taxi or do little bit of trekking. There are actually about 7 waterfalls in the island but only 3 of them are open for tourist, while the other 4 are still protected.

There are 7 diving sites and many snorkeling spots in Moyo, the closest one from Labuhan Aji is Takat Sagele, less than 10 minutes by boat which you can rent from the locals for about IDR 300,000 for both ways.

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